What Kind Of Dents Can Be Fixed With Paintless Dent Repair?

The interest in paintless dent repair services has gone up in recent years. There are two reasons for this. The first is that such services have become increasingly available to the common man recently while in the past they were only available to the elite. The second reason is the fact that the climate is becoming much more unpredictable which has resulted in hail storms and, hence, dents.

However, paintless dent repair mobile services cannot be used for all types of dents. If you have dents on your car and are considering paintless dent repair services then knowing which types of dents can be repaired can save you a lot of time and effort. Without such knowledge, you may end up requesting quotations which require investment of time and effort on your part.

There are two variables that determine whether the dent on your car can be fixed with paintless dent repair techniques or not. These are where the dents are located and how deep they are.

The location of the dent is relevant because most paintless dent repair techniques work by gently massaging or pushing the metal back to its previous position. If the dent is located at the corner of a panel then accessibility becomes a concern. Consequently, if the technician cannot reach behind the dent or if the dent is spread across the edges of two panels then the pushing back techniques will not work.

Paintless dent repair technicians consider the depth of the dent mainly because they need to figure out two things. The first is whether the metal has been stretched and the second is if the paint has been damaged. If the metal has been stretched then pushing back the dent would make no difference as the metal would be warped. Similarly, if the paint has been damaged then pushing back the metal will not work because the paint would give away the mark.

Sometimes, it is possible for paintless dent repair techniques to be supplemented with minor paint touch-ups but these are rare occasions and usually not recommended. Therefore, if you are considering paintless dent repair services, then you should study the dents on your car to assess their location and depth.

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